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Le Cube : The Best Idea Doesn't Always Win

A sense of mourning washed over me when I came across these superb short gif style IDs Le Cube created for MTV knowing that they didn’t make it to air. Over the top you might say, but it's sad. Talk about censorship. There’s toeing the line and then there’s just tongue and cheek that needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. These are most definitely the latter and I’d say most of the artists would think they’re cool, obviously someone had an issue. 

The illustration style is clean, the colour palette, almost acidic and the sparing use of moving elements makes for a perfect combination. Le Cube hit the nail on the head, but alas, some bigwig pulled the plug. At least they have the freedom to post it for us now. Proof then, that the best idea doesn’t always win.

Attention Lawyers – this is just some fun gifs that MTV decided no to put on air, but they were too cool not to be in our portfolio. So, If you want to sue something, sue boredom.
— Le Cube