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Raury : The Bigger Goal

Raury Alexander Tullis is a 19 year old musician from Atlanta, signed to Columbia records. His first mixtape, Indigo Child came out late last year leading to a abundance of comparisons to other artists new and old. He’s part of the XXL freshman list of 2015 and included in the top five BBC Sound Of 2015 list. 

Raury is blessed with a timbre reminiscent of Andre 3000 and his ability to dance across a beat is equally impressive. Sonically, a song like Devil’s Whisper (superb video) demonstrates an eclectic mix of influences and equally a lack of conformity. Instead of talking about getting money, girls and self glorification, lyricism focuses more so on empowerment and meaningful, progressive ideology. 

"Devil's Whisper" taken from Raury's new album ALL WE NEED. Pre-order the album and get "Friends" and "Devil's Whisper" instantly:

His style is also of note, making other rappers look ridiculous with their braggadocious affection for high end fashion brands and excessive jewellery. He opts for a more bohemian approach, the signature sun hat, perhaps embodying his humble, self aware demeanour. Indigo Child is cohesive in approach, engaging and at times tantalizing but it doesn’t quite hit the mark. If anything it’s a promising indication of what is to come from Raury. The artist had some astute words to back up his latest track, “Friends” featuring Tom Morello.

I’ve realized a lot in my 19-years of existence. Most importantly, I’ve found out that I’m a bit naive. Someday I do believe the human race will let go of all the very unimportant things that separate us from the bigger goal. Everything you see in the video happened in real life. It was a special experience to have friends I talk to on Twitter be down to pick me up and ride with me to Chicago. I made more friends because of the video. Family and friends are a privilege to have and I don’t take them for granted.
— Raury

"Friends" taken from Raury's new album ALL WE NEED. 

For such a young dude, it seems he has embraced the idea that collaborations breeds success and innovation and that's pretty admirable. You can find Raury's music on most music streaming services and his mixtape is available at Cheers for reading.