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The music section of the site, day to day, will contain artist profiles, album reviews, video content and interviews with musicians and industry affiliates, accompanied by illustration.

The Power Of Animation

Look - Sebastien Tellier - Directed by Mrzyk & Moriceau

So I composed a little inaugural post for this section which will centre on animated music videos. The music section of the site, day to day, will contain artist profiles, album reviews, video content and interviews with musicians and industry affiliates. Given most of the content on the site will feature illustrations, it’s nice to pair the two together for a little editorial. There are obviously a plethora of superbly executed productions to choose from and quite a diverse representation here. Each video happens to be for an excellent song as well so take a break and check them out, if you will.


Ratatat - Abrasive - Hand-drawn by E.VAX & produced by Perfect Branch

The Ratatat and Sebastien Tellier pieces above show an affection towards the monochromatic, minimalist approach taken to the Deadbeat site. The latest video from Ratatat, rather impressively, showcases over 4000 drawings from band member Evan Mast. From playful and hypnotic to raw and messed up, the range of narratives and methods the directors have used is admirable, showcasing what animation can do to enhance the experience of a music video. 


The Gorillaz had to make an appearance, with Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's expansive back story being played out beautifully through animation. In "El Mañana", we see Noodle going down on Windmill Island. If you haven’t watched any Gorillaz videos, the level of production that goes into the animation, music and story telling is unfathomable.

Gorillaz - El Mañana 

It is indeed the Heath Ledger who directed the Modest Mouse video featured below. The beautiful piece deals with quite a heavy subject matter and one close to the heart of the late Ledger, whale hunting. He became friends with the band before his death in 2008, pitching the idea for the song which would later be realised by a small team, with proceeds going to an appropriate charitable organisation. 

Modest Mouse - King Rat - Directed by Heath Ledger

Joshua Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, and countless other superb bands, discovered the artist Boneface through Juxtapoz magazine. He was tasked to provide artwork for their album "Like Clockwork", which was then animated by Liam Brazier. The artist actually spent a week with the band in the studio, whilst they were recording to get the vibe for the record and what they wanted to portray.  

Queens of the Stone Age - Like Clockwork - Artwork by Boneface - Animated by Liam Brazier

I feel the strength of animation lies in it’s introduction at a young age. That story telling aspect you grow up with, evokes memories that leave lasting impressions and this sensibility is something that stays with you past childhood, or it has for me anyway, hence the intrigue. For a lot of artists, they are a cheap way to make a big impact and it saves precious time and money doing the tried and tested performance video. The last nugget, tacked onto the end of this piece is for guilty pleasure's sake, of course, even though it scooped six awards at the '86 VMA's, is "Take On Me". Some supremely brutal rotoscoping going on down below. Enjoy the videos at your leisure and feel free to leave any recommendations you might have in the comments section. Cheers for reading.

A-HA - Take On Me - Directed by Steve Barron - Animated by Michael Patterson & Candace Reckinger