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Drawing : From Above

In inception like fashion this Monday morning, I started drawing a drawing. Or something like that. Here, I present my guide to drawing like a hipster. A bit tongue in cheek. Certainly no ill will meant towards anyone but I just started the little drawing (above) of the two gents strolling along and it became what it is. I suppose it reflects what I’ve been seeing recently trawling through the drawing and illustration tags on Instagram as I so frequently do, looking to connect with practitioners to appear on the site with this feature series. I noticed a few trends and thought I’d dilute the aesthetic into my own little piece. The steps to achieve this are below. As much as I actually love this style of drawing and documenting work, there’s something a little too hilarious and contrived about it as well. 

Really this is just an excuse to plug The Daily Illustrator and say if you haven’t got involved to drop a message to the page. Submissions for March have all but gone, however, if more come in I’d love to extend the run of posts beyond a week. Check out the current run and cheers for peeping.